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How ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo’ Became a Movie and Then a Meme


Question Regarding Breakin' 2' Matt Patches


-- Before Breakin' 2, I believe you worked with Yoram, Menahem, and Cannon Films on several films? More action-oriented work? How did you wind up working on/become the right pick for Breakin' 2?


SF. Correct, I directed several action movies for Cannon Films in the 80s. At the same time they produced the movie Breakin’ that was a great success when it come out. At that point they decided to capitalize on it and make a sequel Breakin’ 2, I don’t know why the director of the first Breakin’ was not involved but at some point Menahem Golan approached me and asked if I can direct it. I was delighted to get involved because I love music and the truth is that directing dance sequences is not much different from directing action there are a lot of similarities.

-- How familiar were you with street dance culture before trying to make this movie? Do you remember learning anything from the kids who worked on the film?


SF. When I got involved in developing Breakin’ 2 with the writers of the script I didn’t know anything about street dancing at all. Once I met them, the  choreographer Bill Goodson and the star dancer Adolfo 'Shabba-Doo' Quinones, they all introduced me to the concept and the culture of street dancing, hip hap, and rap.


-- I heard that the film may have been titled Electric Boogaloo before it ever became Breakin' 2? Any idea on the story behind the script/project's origins? I'm trying to figure out where Yoram or Menhem may have even heard the phrase "Electric Boogaloo."


SF. I don’t know of the origin of the phrase “Electric Boogaloo” when I got involved the name was already established but my filling is that it come from Shaba-Doo  himself, since he was involved with developing the project from the beginning. here is his web site http://www.shabba-doo.com/ I am confidence that he might have a better answer if you contact him. One more clue might be that the street name of Michael Chambers was “Boogaloo Shrimp” so it might also be a factor, but I am not sure.