Federico Cogo
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Questions Regarding Quicksand

By Federico Cogo



1 - How did you come to work in the movie? What attracted you to her?


  1. I was contacted by a friend producer, Frank DeMartini, and he asked me if I will be interested in directing it an action oriented movie in India named “Quicksand” he gave me the script to read and asked if I can give it to Michael Dudikoff to read to see if he might be interested to play the lead part in it. I agreed to direct the movie and Michael agreed to star in it and so we were hired to do it. I was attracted to it becose I was excited to do another action thriller with Michael which I directed earlier in American Ninja 1 and 2


2-Can you tell me some anecdote of the shooting?


  1. Shooting this movie was very interesting because it was all done in India with American cast and Indian crew even the cinematographer was local. The only people that came from the US were the production designer, the editor, the makeup artist and I. The Ballywood way of making films is completely different from the Hollywood way in which we are use to work in, therefore there was a need to adopt and fuse the two methods and come up with working procedures that will fit the two groups and will be effective and productive.


3-As is Michael Dudikoff in working?


  1. I know Michael for many years and we worked together on four movies, the two first American Ninja, Avenging Force, and Quicksand since we met first in 1985 and until today we stayed friends and we occasionally meet last time that I saw him was when we recently participated in making a narration track to the upcoming Blue Ray addition of the movie Avenging Force that is coming out soon. We understand each other and have similar goals and ideas regarding movie making and storytelling so it is  easy for us to work together, Michael is hard working and responsible actor that loves what he is doing and so am I so working on the set we have sense of achievement fun as well.


4-Did you notice any difference between you met Michael in "American Ninja" with Michael on "Quicksand"?


  1. When I met Michael in 1985 directing him in American Ninja we were both young and beginners in the profession when we got together again to make Quicksand some twenty years later we have both matured and accumulated a lot of credits and experience so of course there was a different in Michael as well as in myself. Older people have different point of view of life of art and on creative meters.


5-Are you satisfied with the final result of the movie?


  1. The movie Quicksand was made with a smaller budget then earlier movies I directed like American Ninja, Braking 2, and Avenging Force, and it was also produced under completely different working environment that I have known before therefore it did not have the slick “Hollywood look” that I was able to achieve in other earlier movies in short I feel that it was not one of the best movies in my career.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and answer. Fede.

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