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13th Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film, Belgrade

On October I was a guest of the 13th Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film in Belgrade, Serbia.

The festival, dedicated mainly to horror and fantasy cinema from countries of the former Yugoslavia and from other countries as well, features a selection of shorts and full length movies.

The organizers of the festival invited me to be a guest of honor and as such I conducted one evening master class, discussing my work as a director of independent low budget genre movies in Hollywood in the 1980s and 90s and my experience working for the famous Cannon production company.


After answering questions from the participating audience the movie “Ninja III the Domination” with Lucinda Dickey and Sho Kosugi, that I directed in 1983, was screened.

At the closing ceremony I was presented with An Honorary award named “Oskull” for special achievement in the film industry.

I am proud and thankful to festival director Miroslav Lakobrija, Nadja Savic, and their gang of tireless friends for the honor they bestowed upon me.

Thank you for all the great fun, for the generous hospitality, for the well planned events. Thanks for the city tours, and for a climactic closing ceremony with the award presentation. It was a fantastic.


and thank all the other volunteers that helped in running the events and making sure my stay in Belgrade was such a pleasant experience.